Large Russian Business - 2003 (digest of corporate statistics)


Two blocks represent the research project results. The first is the digest of corporate statistics Large Russian business 2003. The digest suits international standards of business information representation. The second part is a software product, containing exhaustive data on each company. The program provides suitable interface for accessing necessary information and making various types of data sampling.

The digest contains comprehensive statistics on the 10 largest Russian corporations: AvtoVAZ; Alfa-group / Access-Renova; Basic Element; Interros; LUKoil; MDM; Menatep; Severstal-group; Sistema; Surgutneftegaz. The time span covers years from 1995 till 2003. Each year has different data on main economic and social figures and different structure of the companies. As a whole this information can be viewed as a model of the corporations development history, which traces every business dimension expansion. Each Business-Group is shown trough the matrix of the following sections (click on them to see an example):

History, Development scheme

Main business dimensions



Key production indicators

Principal financial indicators

Number of employees

Foreign assets


Debt Instruments

Initiatives in introducing principles of corporate citizenship

Structure, 2003

Each section has been composed using special methodics of data collection and processing.

The database contains full information used in the research, including data not found in the digest. The data is structured in separate blocks, each containing 5-15 indicators. Total number of indicators is 71.

The interface of the database allows different ways of analysis of the data. Multiple forms present information in the most convenient manner. All types of data and sample fields are presented in the following table.

Block of indicators

Indicators in the block

General information

Industry Brunch (OKVED/OKONH)


Registration address

Pattern of ownership

Short comment

Types of business

Shares of one/two main stockholders

Economic data

Net revenues

Net Income

Profit per share

Dividend per share

Volume of export

Income tax

NDS (tax on value added) received

NDS (tax on value added) paid

Gross Income

Total taxes paid

Expenditures on material resources

Social data

Number of workers

Expenditure on social needs

Expenditure on labor

Investments (1)

Equity structure

Liabilities structure

Investments (2)

Financial investments

capital construction

Expenditure on R&D




Date of birth

Foreign assets



Share owned

Description of a project

The database provides a set of easy to use instruments for user-guided statistics processing. You can create samplings and extract necessary figures given certain restrictions on one or more factors. The program automatically computes aggregate values for separate indicators like Gross income or number of workers distributed by such factors like region of company allocation or type of business. There is a separate block of inbuilt statistics representing the distribution of companies shares in GDP, concentration levels in brunches, numbers of regions covered by each corporation and others.

The total number of juridical persons listed in the data base amounts to over 4,5 thousands. Each of these companies is somehow linked to one of the ten main corporations by virtue of formal and informal criteria.

The digest of corporate statistics is recommended for workers of investment companies, researchers of Russian large corporations issues.



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Excerpts from the Report Russia and World 2003


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